Before you call a plumber to unclog your drain, try to do it yourself.  It will save you money if you are successful and probably boost your confidence too!

First Method to unclog sink:

Pour hot water down your sink.  A lot of times grease and other debris can be flushed out by pouring boiling water into the drain.  Be careful not to burn yourself when attempting to use this method.

Second Method to unclog sink:

Use a wire hanger to break apart the debris.  Hair is a common cause of clogged  Unclog-sink-hangerbathroom drains so this method can help to pull it out.  To do this, unravel the wire hanger and bend it into a straight line leaving the hook at the end.  Slowly insert the hook side of the hanger into the drain and try to pull out anything that is blocking the hanger from moving through.

Third Method to unclog sink:

Unclog-sink-plungerTry using a plunger as you would in the toilet.

Fourth Method to unclog sink:

Mix baking soda with water (3/4 cup baking soda & ½ cup of water) then pour it into the clogged drain.  Then follow with ½ a cup of warm white distilled vinegar.  This will help to break up any debris clogging the pipes and hopefully allow it to be pushed through the drain.  Place a rag or a plug over the drain so the mixture doesn’t fizz out of the sink and cause a mess.  After about 30 minutes, run hot water into the drain.  You can repeat this method if it doesn’t completely clear the clog on the first try.

Fifth Method to unclog sink:

unclog-sink-P-trapClearing out the P-trap can be done if you are comfortable with removing and re-installing the pipe.

  • Remove items under sink
  • Use a bucket to put under the P-trap to catch any water in the pipe
  • Slowly turn the bolts on the side of the P-trap counterclockwise but do not allow pipe to fall before you drain the water from it
  • Drain water from the P-trap and clean it out thoroughly before re-installing it

Sixth Method to unclog sink (not recommended):

Drano can be used to clear clogged pipes but the harsh chemicals are not the safest for the environment.  They also can cause pipes to deteriorate quickly, especially if the pipes are plastic.  Over time, Drano or other liquid drain cleaners can cause more damage so we do not recommend this method.

When all else fails and you are unable to effectively clear a clog in your home, call a licensed plumber to assist with your clog.  Innovative Plumbing Pros offers plumbers in Las Vegas, plumbers in Henderson & plumbers in Boulder City Nevada and are available 24/7 to assist with any of your plumbing needs, including a clogged drain!