Water heater replacement Henderson

Water heaters occasionally have to be serviced, and will eventually need to be replaced. Serving residential and commercial customers in Clark County, a Las Vegas NV plumbing services company can install, repair, or replace several common brands of water heaters.

Sometimes water heaters reach the point where they don’t produce enough hot water, or the pilot light keeps going out. Las Vegas plumbers repair tankless water heaters and standard (electric, gas, power vent) models of various sizes.

In other cases, water heaters can’t be repaired. When they leak or produce rusty water, they have to be replaced. The Las Vegas NV plumbing services company can take care of same-day installation, so customers can get their water issues resolved as soon as possible.

The company also provides tips on its website to help home and business owners protect their properties before help arrives. The site features instructions on how to shut off a leaking water heater to prevent secondary damage from standing water.

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly common as consumers opt for “green energy” appliances. Not only do tankless models save energy, but they also produce unlimited hot water. They’re much smaller than traditional water heaters, so they’re ideal for tight spaces. Customers can have a tankless model installed in the same place as their current unit. They’re compact enough to be mounted to the wall.

When Las Vegas plumbing technicians install a tankless water heater, they provide customers with information about the unit and answer any questions they have. They want customers to be fully satisfied with the product.

Las Vegas plumbers can also troubleshoot problems with existing units. Technicians are kept up-to-date on new advancements, so they know how to work with the latest technology. The company advises customers to do some research on tankless heaters before having one installed so they can be sure they’re choosing an option that’s right for them.

Available 24/7, the Las Vegas NV plumbing services company assists customers with water heater issues and many other plumbing problems.