Do you live in a two story house and notice a wet spot on the ceiling downstairs?  As a Las Vegas Plumber, I get calls about water damage all the time and home owners are panicking to locate the source.  Lucky for them, we specialize in leak detection and can determine the cause pretty quickly.

Where is the leak coming from?

The location of the leak is easily determined since it will be coming from the room located directly above the stained ceiling.  Typically, the issue is in the bathroom upstairs and occasionally accessing (cutting through drywall/ceiling under the area of the leak) is needed to determine exact cause.

Causes of an upstairs leak:

  • Leaking toilet components (wax ring, supply lines, etc.)
  • Overflow gasket on tub is broken which causes the water to leak into the ceiling instead of the drain
  • Drain pipes are damaged
  • Broken pipes (there will be a steady flow of water coming from ceiling)
  • Water leaking out of shower or dripping from glass door enclosure while shower/tub are in use
  • Grout on tiles are deteriorated which cause water to leak through them when shower/tub are in use

Resolving upstairs leak:

If you are able to determine the source of the leak yourself, it could be as simple as locating and changing out the failing component.  A leaking toilet is definitely easier to fix than a broken pipe inside the walls or floor.  Once you have ruled out the simpler fixes, you may need to call a licensed plumber to properly fix a more complicated issue.

If your shower curtain is not catching all the water (which happens especially when you have kids showering alone) then you can invest in a shower curtain sealer which is a cheap and easy fix to this issue.  The leaking door issue can usually be resolved by fixing the seal on the bottom of the door to assure it is locking in the water.  Leaking tiles will need to be re-grouted to keep water from leaking from in between the tiles.

It is important to locate and fix leaks, regardless if they are coming from upstairs or other areas within the home.  Failure to act fast will inevitably cost the home owner more money.  Water damage is a costly repair and mold growth will occur when a leak is not resolved quickly.  So act fast and call a plumber if you are not confident about resolving a leak on your own!