Are wipes flushable - Las Vegas PlumbersAre flushable wipes really flushable?

The short answer is NO – but many companies advertise their products to be safe to discard into the toilet. The truth is that “flushable wipes” do not disintegrate enough to make them truly safe to flush.

Flushing baby wipes, makeup wipes, and other marketed “flushable” wipes cause major plumbing issues.  Consumers who continuously flushed these wipes experienced clogged pipes, flooding, jammed sewers and issues with septic tanks- racking up the costs for plumbing repairs!  In addition to this, many cities are experiencing problems within their sewage systems due to wipes (which costs the taxpayers money)!

Well, consumers took a stand against these marketing schemes and started lawsuits for the damages and costly repairs associated with flushing wipes down the toilet.  Complaints have been filed against Costco, CVS, and Kimberly-Clark in regards to the misleading “flushable” wipes.  Kudos for these consumers for taking a stand!

Bottom line – you should not be flushing wipes of any kind down your toilets regardless of what the label says.  Please dispose of these items properly so it will save you plumbing problems in the future!

If you are experiencing backup from wipes, or any other issues, please give us a call and we can send out a certified Las Vegas plumber who is equipped to clear any clog!