Every homeowner seems to run into plumbing problems at one point or another.  Here are three great tips to solve some of the common issues that give homeowners headaches.


New Homes:

If you are having a home built, then you are in luck for solving many problems.  After the home has been framed and the plumbing has been completed but before the sheet rock goes up, take a full video of the home.  Make sure to video where all the pipes are located and the drain traps and drain pipes.  Then keep the video where you can reference it if needed.  The day may come where you need to move a wall or drill a hole in your wall and you are going to want to know where all the pipes are before you make any adjustments.  Better safe than sorry.


Loud Sinks:

If you have double stainless steel sink, then you know it can be very loud when you drop an item in the sink.  Easy solution, just spray some expanding insulation foam between the gap in the two sinks.  This will work wonders to dampen the sound and the vibration.


Creaking Copper Pipes

If your home has copper pipes, then you are probably used to hearing the popping and creaking when the hot water is running.  That is because hot water can make the copper pipes expand and as they expand against the brackets that hold them in place they make all the popping and creaking noises.  Simple, just wrap the inside of the brackets holding your copper pipes with some insulation tape and like magic the popping and creaking will go away.


Innovative Plumbing Pros is here to help you solve all your plumbing needs.  No job is too small or too large.  Our expert plumbers are dedicated to your satisfaction and making sure the job is done right and is completed on time.